This year, our Storyteller team has expanded to include some KICKASS new additions. Absolutely brimming with Purple energy, and first up in the introductions, is Joe Whibley! 
Joe joined Team Purple earlier this year, bringing a cheeky blend of over 20 years of corporate experience. He’s been everywhere, from Hilton to Boots, leading senior sales teams across the UK and Europe in the healthcare sector. And just to keep things interesting, he spent two years down under in Australia, managing health clubs near Sydney.  
Joe’s joy for life, diverse background, and passion for leadership make him an exciting addition to Team Purple. We can’t wait to see him smash the status quo wherever he goes! 
Childhood Ambition? 
I dreamed of being a professional footballer. Bryan Robson and Tony Cottee were my idols. I didn’t make it to the pros, but I did get to play for Peterborough United alongside one of my heroes, Mark Lawrenson. Though, most of my friends think I should’ve been a quiz show host! 
What does being Purple mean to you? 
Purple to me is bringing leadership, sales, and customer service to life through stories and facilitation, and steering clear of PowerPoint!! What makes being Purple special? Purple Story practises what they preach from the inside out! 
Proudest moment? 
I can’t pick just one: marrying Claire and the births of my boys, Ben and Sam. Those moments are etched in my memory forever. 
Secret talent? 
I’m a world-class wig wearer and a fantastic Santa Claus (if you need a Santa who’s 5 foot 6!). 
Worst past-perfect leadership trait you'd banish from the world? 
Autocratic leadership. We all thrive under leaders who are humble and leverage their team’s strengths through open dialogue and collaboration.  
How do you unwind? 
I coach my eldest son’s football team, which will be under 18 next season—I’ve been with them since they were five. I also love spending time with Claire, the boys, my parents, and close friends. With my parents living in the same village, family Sunday dinners are a regular treat. 
My dad. There’s no one else I’d rather emulate (except for his lack of dancing skills, but that’s our secret). 
What's the most surprising thing about you? 
I’m a massive Guns N’ Roses fan, and once upon a time, I had a lot of hair (check out the baby photo)! 
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