Purple Story has been growing at such a rapid rate that we realised some of you might not know our fearless leader and chief rebel, Karen Turton aka KT! 
When KT started Purple Story in 2018 her aim was simple and hasn't changed to this day. Make every workplace better for the people who work there by blowing up tired, outdated management practices. By focusing on person-centric leadership, she knew this would drive the performance many businesses chase, but in a way that was sustainable and fulfilling for the team making it happen.  
And here we are FIVE years later! A growing team, and a client list spanning diverse sectors, organisations sizes, and even borders!  
Rather than focus on the CV (you can read that on our website), we went deep to find out what no one else knows about our one-of-a-kind leader... including the story behind the name Purple Story! 
First job?  
I was a waitress at 14 in a small restaurant in Chester called Foregates - sadly it's not there anymore. I loved it and it gave me a real taste for hospitality! I once dropped a whole plate of hot buttered carrots onto a mans lap and then put my hands in to pull them off - whoops!! 
Special interests?  
Cycling! I took it up at the ripe age of 51 and whilst I will never be the fastest, I love it! My bike is a yellow Specialised Diverge gravel bike and she is called Canary - that was my nickname at school - if you say Karen Airey (maiden name) really fast you get canary!!!  
Secret talent?  
No secret talents but I am a massive science fiction geek and have a huge girl crush on Seven of 9! Blakes 7 got me into sci-fi and (now showing my age!) where my friends had pictures of pop stars on their walls - I had a picture of Avon from Blakes 7 (Paul Darrow)! A very odd child and I didn't conform even back then!  
Greatest achievement?  
Bringing up two kick ass humans who now both work in hospitality and are my rocks! They make me proud - my other biggest achievement is not accepting the status quo and doing something about it even though it was painful and took a real leap of faith.  
My dad is my hero and my nieces are an inspiration to me - Maisie is competing for Team GB at the European trampoline championships! 
Why the name 'Purple Story'? 
In the book Purple Cow, marketer Seth Godin talks about the power of being remarkable - one field of cows looks just like another, unless you see a Purple Cow! Then it becomes unforgettable. This idea stuck with me, along with the conviction that we all have a story and deserve the opportunity to make it a great one. Put the two together and you have Purple Story!  
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