Karen Turton (KT) CEO & Founder 

AKA - Leader of the Professionally Rebellious Movement 
KT is awesome, fearless & brilliant. But you shouldn't just take our word for that, just ask anyone who’s met her! She’s an operator at heart and brings three decades of commercial and leadership experience to Purple Story. In her former life, Karen was a Regional Director for Nandos & the Ops and People Director for Turtle Bay before answering her calling and launching Purple Story. As someone who’s founded a business based on Leadership Development, you’d expect KT to be a superb leader, and you’d be right. Oh, and she also loves Sci-Fi and secretly wishes she could be Seven of Nine (old Star Trek reference). 

Lynda Merryweather COO 

AKA - Northern Powerhouse 
Lynda is a Yorkshire Lass who likes few things in life better than a good cup of tea (and maybe the odd G&T) She forged a trade in the world of travel and had a career spanning over 20 years working in different roles and across various sectors within the industry, before accidently finding her forever home at Purple Story.  
Now COO, she spends her days steadying the ship and developing the business as it continues to grow at pace. 
Lynda is wildly passionate about delivering the best possible experience to every client and invites everyone she meets for (you’ve guessed it) a chat over a brew!  

Amy Depuis HQ Chief 

AKA – Commando 
Amy has probably the most challenging role in Team Purple and has the unenviable task of keeping us all in line! With a background in the Hair and Beauty Industry, Amy has a wealth of experience in delivering operational excellence, client relations and understands the importance of time and diary management. When she’s not at work, Amy loves embarrassing her kids by winding down all of the car windows and singing Tina Turner songs very loudly! Amy is the cement holding up the foundations of Purple Story. 

Sara Parry Digital Coordinator 

AKA - The Purple Wizard 
Sara is our Purple Wizard and has an outstanding ability to teach herself to do anything! She looks after our creative design, techy stuff and plays a huge role in our partnership with Sideways. Basically, if there's anything we don't know how to do, we challenge Sara to find a way and she makes it happen! 
Sara started her career in the Nail & Beauty Industry where she managed a salon business and led her own team. She joined Team Purple with a background in making her own clients look and feel fabulous. A big fan of fantasy fiction, Sara can often be found with her head buried in books and loves all things horror! 

Angharad Gray  Office Assistant  

AKA - Dr Doolittle  
Angharad is our Support Superstar and is based in Purple HQ. She joined us in 2023 and is an invaluable asset providing multiple support services to our team, suppliers and clients alike. Angharad is an animal lover and dog groomer by trade. She studied Animal Behaviour and Welfare before embarking on her Purple Story journey. With a passion for books and animals, Angharad spends much of her spare time reading or walking her own dog. She's opened up her home to ex-battery hens in the past and is hoping to do so again soon, she's a real life Dr Doolittle! 

Charlotte Graphic Designer  

AKA - Design Guru 
Our design guru Charlotte possesses an extraordinary knack for taking our already fabulous branding and imagery to a whole new level. Charlotte sprinkles magic dust to bring us to life! 
Beyond her remarkable design skills, Charlotte is an inquisitive and outgoing person with a love for reading. One of Charlotte's quirks is her occasional spontaneous impulse to embark on extremely long walks! 
Charlotte started her career with the ODEON whilst she was at university and we are lucky enough to have snapped Charlotte up for her placement year. We can't wait to she she creates and what the future holds! 

Andy Goram Purple Story Teller & Culture & Values Specialist 

AKA – The Sticky Guy 
Andy brings two decades of senior management experience from marketing to customer & brand director to Team Purple. He’s a real gentleman with a genuine passion for the people he is developing, and an all round nice guy with a wicked sense of humour.  
Andy previously worked as Chief Brand Experience Officer at Buzz Leisure, Commercial Director at Gala Coral Group and MAD Director at Spirit Group (this was about aligning brand, employees and the customer, not about actually being mad). 

Jon Saunders Purple Story Teller 

AKA - Boyo 
Jon is a very passionate Welshman and is sports crazy. In fact, he’s our very own Iron Man! 
He brings over 20 years of experience in the late night sector in senior management and ownership to Team Purple and has a genuine passion to help people.  
Jon is an operator with a ‘hands on’ approach and sees everything through an operator’s eyes.  
An empathetic leader, Jon listens first and acts second so people can be heard and have full input into the journey. 

Emma Sedgwick Purple Story Teller  

AKA - The Explorer  
Emma brings 25 years of experience in driving performance & communication excellence in both the hospitality and healthcare sectors to Purple Story. She has a speciality and passion for helping senior business and commercial leaders to thrive. Her career began in travel as a holiday rep & Emma still loves to explore. 
Emma describes herself as flexible and fun! She has a boundless energy for work and life & thrives on facing new challenges. When she’s not busy working and being ‘Mum’s taxi’, Emma loves to travel and eat in fabulous restaurants. 

Verity Milns  Purple Story Teller  

AKA - VM  
Verity is our carer and sharer, and she's never happier than getting right under the skin of people to understand how to help them fly. With a background in business communications, she has now found her purple passion for coaching and mentoring teams. Loving nothing more than delivering lightbulb moments and seeing the penny drop, she will challenge you - and support you - to become the best you can be. A massive rugby fan, she's a regular cheering on England at Twickenham. Her other newly-found passion is swimming, either at the local pool or in the wild!  

Richard Tudor-Thomas Purple Story Teller 

Richard brings service excellence and experience from his time spent in the Royal Navy, and with Waitrose and the National Trust. As an operator and service leader, RTT has seen it all and has learnt from some of the best in three different industries and walks of life. A calming influence on many, he loves to share his passion for operational excellence through storytelling and real life scenarios. 
A keen rugby player (just touch rugby now as a proper tackle would break him!!!) he spends his spare time devoted to his family and friends. 
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