Behind every great woman is... another great woman! Such a dynamic duo are KT and Lynda, it's hard to believe they haven't always been powering the #Purple mission side by side. 
When demand for KT's game-changing style of leadership development had grown to such a level that she needed to expand Purple Story, Lynda found her forever home and has never looked back. 
Her business development background in the travel industry, no-nonsense approach, and uncompromising focus on the client meant she was the perfect fit! Now COO, she spends her days steadying the ship and developing the business as it continues to grow at pace. 
Whether you know her well, or haven't yet crossed paths, we're here to help you get to know her better! 
Childhood ambition? 
The first one I can remember was wanting to be Spiderman, haha! After that I always wanted to be a vet, but I don’t have a scientific brain so soon gave up on that ambition. I quite fancied myself as a horse whisperer at one time, or a Spice Girl! 
I really admired my Dad once I was old enough to appreciate him. He was a dynamic businessman who was incredibly successful despite having no qualifications in anything (except woodwork, which I’m also pretty good at ironically) and I really wanted to do him proud. He always wanted me to be the best version of myself I could be. 
What did you do before you were Purple? 
My first ever job was in Sid’s Café from the TV show, Last of the Summer Wine! I was a professional horse groom on a showing yard for a few years, before accidentally falling into the travel industry where I spent 25 years in retail travel, tour operating and business development. 
I spent 16 years with Thomas Cook and latterly in some smaller businesses. A stint in sport travel allowed me to travel to some of the top sporting events in the world and experience destinations I would never have had access to if I hadn’t been in the industry. I met some truly amazing people at Cooks, and still keep in touch with so many of them. 
How did you meet Karen? 
Completely by accident! I had quit my job with no idea what was next. A chance post share from an ex-colleague brough KT and I together and I’ve never looked back! (It’s all thanks to you Justine Conway, I haven’t forgotten!) 
Ambition for Purple Story? 
World domination! I’d like us to be widely recognised as a driving force for change and success. I believe that we can support any business that is open to making lives better for all the people they touch, their teams and their clients/customers. 
I am particularly passionate about us becoming the consultancy of choice in the care sector, because that really matters to me personally (my dad developed Dementia in later life). And I’d love to get more involved in the travel industry, where I grew up. It’s full of wonderful people that I know would embrace and do great things with the Purple Methodology. 
What does being Purple mean to you? 
Being the greatest version of yourself and helping others to do the same. That doesn’t mean being the best at everything, it’s about learning who you truly are, and embracing effective collaboration with those around you who offer something different, which in turn helps you to be better. 
 Proudest moment? 
Gosh, that’s a tough question. I’m proud every day at Purple Story. Seeing our amazing team and clients in action makes me burst with pride. Watching Team Purple grow and deliver exceptional experiences to our clients really makes me glow. 
Secret talent? 
Where shall we start?! In all seriousness, I’d probably have to say my practical skills. During lockdown I set up a side enterprise making all sorts of things out of upcycled and unwanted wood. I can turn my hand to bird tables, planters, uniquely designed shelving units, upcycling old whiskey barrels and more! I love being outside and love manual labour, I’d rather build a fence than spend a day at the spa! I also think I know every word to every song of Take That’s greatest hits! 
Worst past-perfect leadership trait you'd banish from the world? 
Telling anyone to do it the way it’s always been done, just because that’s how we do it – yuk. I’ve never responded well to doing anything ‘just because we always do it like that’. It got me into quite a bit of trouble in my early career when I realised that I liked to ‘bend the rules’ in a big corporate business where that simply wasn’t allowed. It was fun trying though! 
How do you unwind? 
I sound so boring, but my cat Moguel (he’s Spanish) loves to play when I finish work. He gets mad zoomies and it’s just the funniest thing ever. No matter how tired I am, he never fails to make me laugh. And country walks are my absolute go to. I more ‘set myself up for the day ahead’ than use them to unwind. Most mornings I’m out at sunrise getting my 10k steps in before work. I should also mention that I have the best husband and friends anyone could ask for, and nothing makes me happier than spending quality time with them. 
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